One of the most difficult tasks in the world of cargo delivery is oversize cargo transportation. R Group has great experience in international oversize cargo transportation. We can find solution to your problems.

R Group in-house fleet consists of more than 300 trucks, including special equipment for transportation of long, wide, high and heavy cargoes.

Every month we fulfill more than 100 oversize cargo transportations.

Our advantages:

In-house fleet of trucks. All trucks are equipped with GPS navigation system, radio and mobile communication. You will be able to track the delivery of your cargo at any time.

Besides R Group fleet has

specially equipped trucks to provide freight forwarding of oversize and heavy cargo transportation without resorting to the help other companies.

Every oversize or heavy cargo transportation is designed to your particular needs. We take into account the following factors:

  • size of cargo
  • weight of cargo
  • delivery equipment
  • all possible routes of delivery
  • terms of preparation and execution of accompanying documents

Our specialists will optimize the route and choose the best option for the transportation. They will provide execution of all necessary permits for transit countries and submit the transportation to the approval of all relevant organizations.

R Group has 18-years experience in international oversize cargo transportation. We are ready to take up transportation of any complexity. When you entrust your cargo with us, you can be sure of its safe and timely delivery!

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Our advantages:
A huge auto park
450 trucks & trailers from leading European manufacturers.
Environmentally friendly
All our trucks meets environmental standards EURO-5 and EURO-6
We are always in touch! Getting a daily report of your cargo location, constant communication with a personal manager and satellite truck tracking by GPS, always in contact with the driver
An experience
R Group team passed a way from amateur to professionals and from Paris to the Urals!
R Group is always moving!
With R group team you will be always in front!
What we do:
Receiving and discussing rate request for transportation
Receiving all needed documents for signing agreement
Receiving transport order
Implementing transportation
Paying for transport service
Price Calculation