R Group international transport company offers its services in transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquid chemical cargoes.
Classes of transported hazardous cargoes: ADR 3, 5.1, 6.1, 8, 9.

Engage R Group to transport liquid cargoes:


  • Tractors and semitrailers made in 2018;
  • The cistern and its components are made from high-alloyed stainless steel (AISI 316Ti (V4A, EN 1.4571), making it possible to transport corrosive, caustic, and highly explosive liquids;
  • Tractors are equipped with a compressor to facilitate the unloading of especially thick liquids;
  • All of the components of a cistern are equipped with vacuum valves ensuring leakproofness.


  • Insulated body to maintain cargo temperature;
  • Permanent autonomous heating of the cargo compartment;
  • Permanent control of the temperature of transported liquids in transit.


  • Pressure loading/unloading equipment;
  • Possibility of heating the unloaded cargo with steam or liquid from an external source;
  • Lock valves and connecting accessories for the unification of loading/unloading, closed loading/unloading systems (upper and lower options);
  • Working pressure from 1.5 to 3 atm.


All cisterns are thoroughly cleaned at specialized washing stations in Belarus, Russia, and Europe.
Vehicle cleanliness is mandatorily confirmed by the EFTCO certificate.
Exacting requirements are applied to drivers.
Drivers are required to have a С(С1) to Е license and pass a special training course.
All drivers are required to have at least three years of experience in truck driving.

For more details on transportation of liquid cargoes, contact us at +375175432999.

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Our advantages:
A huge auto park
450 trucks & trailers from leading European manufacturers.
Environmentally friendly
All our trucks meets environmental standards EURO-5 and EURO-6
We are always in touch! Getting a daily report of your cargo location, constant communication with a personal manager and satellite truck tracking by GPS, always in contact with the driver
An experience
R Group team passed a way from amateur to professionals and from Paris to the Urals!
R Group is always moving!
With R group team you will be always in front!
What we do:
Receiving and discussing rate request for transportation
Receiving all needed documents for signing agreement
Receiving transport order
Implementing transportation
Paying for transport service
Price Calculation