The most convenient and advantageous way of transportation of high value cargoes is Customs carrier transportation service.

  In 2005 R Group was licensed by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus to implement this activity.

  The status of customs carrier let us to deliver cargos of any value without convoying across Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Consequently, it reduces transit time and transportation costs.

  Customs carrier’s activity is controlled by the Customs Committee. Therefore, it is additional guarantee of honest operation on the international road carrier market.

  From his side, R Group is ensuring a shortest transit time and full transportation service with 100% guarantee of cargo safety.

  International transportation under customs carrier’s control is one of the most convenient and reliable way of internal customs transit. 

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Our advantages:
A huge auto park
450 trucks & trailers from leading European manufacturers.
Environmentally friendly
All our trucks meets environmental standards EURO-5 and EURO-6
We are always in touch! Getting a daily report of your cargo location, constant communication with a personal manager and satellite truck tracking by GPS, always in contact with the driver
An experience
R Group team passed a way from amateur to professionals and from Paris to the Urals!
R Group is always moving!
With R group team you will be always in front!
What we do:
Receiving and discussing rate request for transportation
Receiving all needed documents for signing agreement
Receiving transport order
Implementing transportation
Paying for transport service
Price Calculation